Our Services

It's the little things that make all the difference

It's all about the Fire!

Glamping is all about time around the fire so each site has a fire pit area where you can cook your meals and then just chill around for the rest of the night. Toasted marshmallows and campfire stories anyone?

You will also have a small gas stove so a quick cuppa is only ever minutes away.


Loos with a view

After a hard days walking or just chilling, we know the hot showers and loos with views will be just what you need.

Our Loos with views are a real treat and will make those precious moments of peace all the more enjoyable! We're conscious of the amount of water the site uses so have opted for compost toilets. And once the composting process is complete the compost will also be used to feed the trees around the farm so a win win for everyone!


Everything plus the kitchen sink

No need to hire a roof box or trailer as we're taking care of the bulky stuff, including...cosy bedding, crockery, cutlery, glasses and mugs, pots and pans, bbq equipment, washing up stuff (plus the sink) and outdoor furniture.

All we ask is that you bring your clothes, walking shoes, fluffy towels and your toiletries

To keep the meadow lush and lovely, cars will be parked a short walk away.